What kind of website design company would we be if we didn’t provide our clients with some useful tools & resources?

New Client Guide

Basically it’s all about what to expect when you’re expecting (a new website).

Download New Client Guide


Chances are we built your brand new website with a WordPress content management system. While training is available, sometimes it’s helpful to have a guide: WordPress Made Simple


For those of us who don’t send messages by carrier pigeon anymore, email is the method of choice. Below are some useful links on setting up your email:

Rackspace Email
HostGator Email
Setting up IMAP or POP3 for Google Email


Websites need to be updated. Trying to get those other guys to update your website was like trying to get an excited monkey to sit still for a haircut. Not with us. If you send an email to our updates address, we’ll get it done within 48 hours or less. Of course, if your update will require a legion of Egyptians to build a giant digital pyramid or take more than 48 hours, we’ll let you know. Plus, you can always give us a call at 904.998.1935; unlike most webmasters we love answering the phone!

Email Updates